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Silverback HIIT Bench Functional Fitness Bundle

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Silverback HIIT Bench Functional Fitness Bundle

The Silverback HIIT Bench Functional Fitness Bundle is a natural choice whether you’re a complete beginner starting your fitness journey or a seasoned fitness enthusiast. This incredible bundle will maximize your home workouts while taking up a very modest amount of space.

The bundle includes:

Silverback Studio HIIT Bench


  • Adjustable from flat to incline
  • Can hold up to 5 pairs of Dumbbells (not Included)
  • Space for Slam ball or Kettlebells (not Included)
  • Integrated wheels and handles For Easy Class or Gym Transport

Set of 5 Hexagonal Dumbbells

This set of Hex Dumbbells include:

5kg (pair), 7.5kg (pair), 10kg (pair), 12.5kg (pair), 15kg (pair)

9kg (20 lb) Adjustable Dumbbell

One kettlebell, 7 different weights. 

With the Silverback adjustable smart kettlebell you can adjust your weight in seconds. Simply unlock and twist, then remove the desired plates to 1 of 7 weights. When finished simply untwist and lock.

12m Battle Rope with Wall/Floor Anchor


Set of Resistance Bands + Self-Locking Skipping Rope


Please Note:

Installation & assembly is not included.


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