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Silverback Mag Grip Handles

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Silverback Mag Grip Handles

Product Description

The Silverback dynamic grip handles are made of high-quality powder-coated steel with ergonomic rubber hand grips, allowing you to concentrate on the squeeze rather than your grip.

Each handle allows you to isolate the muscle depending on the width of the attachment used and reduces the strain on the wrist. Hands and wrists are kept in a comfortable neutral, semi-pronated or semi-supinated position allowing for maximum output.

Sold as a set of 5x handles from wide to narrow grip.
  • Focuses on muscle isolation
  • Ergonomically shaped to fit the hand
  • Non-slip coating
  • Angled to ease joint pain

Easily attach to any cable pulley machine with a carabiner.

  • Grip Handle 1: 71cm Wide Grip Neutral
  • Grip Handle 2: 57cm Medium Grip Pronated
  • Grip Handle 3: 49cm Medium Grip Neutral
  • Grip Handle 4: 20cm Close Grip Pronated
  • Grip Handle 5: 23cm Close Grip Supinated

NOTE: The stand for the Silverback Mag Grip Handles is sold separately. Please view the options before purchasing.

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Customer Reviews

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Dale Fairclough
Silverback Mag grip Handles

I bought a set of these for my small commercial gym and had nothing but positive comments from our members, so many that we will soon be purchasing a 2nd set …. Brilliant addition to any gym 👍